setting action
Rod sets the action in the Queen’s throne room.

Ma & Pa Pictures, LLC was formed in 1999 by Rod Bingaman and Maura Shea to produce feature films and other media content while providing opportunities for students and professionals to interact in a working environment.

bunker set
Lining up a shot of Voluptua (Lindsay Goranson.)

Our latest feature “Ripped!” is a musical comedy set in 1967.  We shot it on a Red One and it features some familiar faces from our last two films as well as many newcomers to the Ma & Pa group.

Our first production “A Holiday Affair” was shot in August of 1999.  It received the Audience Award for Best Feature Film at the Brooklyn Film Festival in 2000.  Other notable screenings included the Tribeca Grand, NY; FirstGlance Philadelphia; and Woods Hole Winter Film Fest, MA.

Our second production “Hooray for Mister Touchdown” was a 1930’s period film that was an audience favorite at a variety of festivals throughout the U.S. including Asheville, Sedona and FirstGlance Philadelphia in 2004-05.  A number of veterans of “A Holiday Affair” returned to mentor a new crop of filmmakers on the production that was shot in the summer of 2002.

Our third feature “Chasing Butterflies” reunited veterans of past Ma & Pa productions while also bringing some new faces into the fold.  Shot on DVCPro HD, the film was released domestically by Vanguard Cinema in December 2009.

Ma & Pa Pictures, LLC is managed by Rod Bingaman and Maura E. Shea.  Both are award-winning filmmakers with over 35 years combined professional experience.  Ma and Pa are currently Senior Lecturers of Film-Video Production at Penn State University.

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slating quarry
Devin Cremer slates a shot at the quarry.